Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use ICOminter?

ICOminter provides an easy way to earn FREE crypto-currency tokens. Users who complete activities on ICOminter will be rewarded with tokens which can be traded on an exchange or used for products & services when they are made available in the future.

  1. Surveys – your opinion is valuable and survey companies will reward you for honest information. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete but surveys may be limited based on your location and profile.
  2. Video Ads – Watch a video or click on the rewarded ad and earn free crypto-currency tokens.
  3. Ads DisplayedICOminter utilizes ads in the app to generate revenue.  This revenue is used to help establish the value of the tokens you earned.
  4. Affiliate Links – Sign up for services or make purchases using the affiliate links and revenues earned go towards the value of the token.
  5. –  Please visit our page under “Cellbones” and vote. Revenues earned from the Steemit page will go towards the value of the token.

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How to I redeem rewards earned?

Once your account is over 10,000 rewards your tokens will be automatically transferred into your digital wallet. You will be alerted of the transfer and it may take up to 24 hours to show in your digital wallet.

Where is my reward that I just earned?

It can take 24 hours for your rewards to be shown in your digital wallet once a transfer is made.

How do I locate my order ID?

A transaction number will be generated for each transfer and be displayed in the Payouts section listed on the main menu.

How do I know how many rewards I have earned?

You can check the left hand menu of ICOminter to see your reward totals and use “Payouts” to see the history of reward transfers. Once the rewards are transferred as Tokens in your digital wallet then the rewards will no longer show in ICOminter but tokens will appear in your digital wallet.

How do I access tokens after they have been transferred to my digital wallet?

ICOminter will not transfer earned tokens until you have earned 10,000 rewards and verified your token wallet address. Once your tokens have been transferred to your wallet address you can access your wallet by going to the menu in ICOminter and selecting “my wallet”. You will be required to enter your wallet password which your would have setup previously.

What if I lose my wallet address and password?

ICOminterhas integrated a 3rd party wallet from WAVES with military grade security. When you establish a wallet account, you must follow the directions and document both your wallet address and the SEED provided. DO NOT LOSE EITHER OF THESE ITEMS. As long as you have your wallet address and SEED, you can re-establish the wallet inside the ICOminter app, or you can access the wallet from any browser you wish.

Do I need to use the wallet provided by the ICOminter app?

No, you do not have to use the wallet provided. However, the tokens are based on the WAVES blockchain and therefore you must use a WAVES provided wallet account to receive the earned tokens. You can establish a WAVES wallet from your PC or smartphone, and then enter the wallet address into the ICOminter app to receive your tokens.

If I lose access to my WAVES wallet or to the WAVES wallet integrated into the ICOminter app, can you help me gain access to the account?

No, the WAVES wallet is not accessible by us or by the WAVES company. This is standard in the crypto-token market in order to maintain the highest level of security possible. Again, do not lose your WALLET ADDRESS or SEED file.