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Cellbones Technologies is on a mission to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by enabling users to earn FREE tokens via the ICOminter app.

  • Earn Pre-ICO tokens today
  • Tokens tradeable as of March 2019
  • Use tokens to purchase products
  • Earn Free mobile data & voice

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Join the ICOminter community where we create the value of the token together. The participating members have control over the value of the token by the way they utilize the app.

Developed by Cellbones Technologies

How it works

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Download ICOminter app to start earning BONES tokens for FREE from day one. Earn tokens by:

  • Completing opinion surveys
  • Downloading apps
  • Viewing video adsFF

get ICOminter

Earn BONES Tokens
  • Tokens are based on WAVES blockchain
  • 500,000,000 tokens
  • Fixed amount
  • Token Asset ID¬†
Invest in Tokens

Invest in BONES tokens for free on the DEX market

Exchange for gifts.

Use your BONES rewards to shop online.

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